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    The Native Speaker Studio employs a variety of highly qualified instructors from various academic and professional backgrounds. Coming from the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, and South Africa, our instructors have a wide range of experience that they utilize Continue Reading


    The Native Speaker Studio is proud of its distinctive aesthetic and customized programming. We believe in tailoring our courses to the specific needs of each employee through testing and feedback.


    We will provide management with individual employee reports to help them understand their employees' development.

    Team Building & Company Culture

    Our programs effectively bring employees together and we assist in enhancing company culture and fostering harmony in the workplace.

    We believe in providing students with a five-star experience

    In 2016, The Native Speaker Studio was launched in Bangkok, Thailand, and Sydney, Australia, and since then, extended internationally online. Among other Asian nations, we have aided students and enterprises from Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, Japan, South Korea, and China. We Continue Reading

    Popular Courses

    We introduce a fun and interactive mobile app that is downloadable for free on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for both iPhone and Android users respectively.

    The app offers various quizzes for both English and Thai learners to enjoy and have fun testing themselves on their language learning.

    Simply, register your email and password when you first download the app, and you are ready to go!

    We install many more words and quizzes on the app on a weekly basis, and with multiple levels to complete our quizzes, you can continue on improving your language skills and your personal score in our fun and interactive mobile app!

    Our Clients

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    What People Say

    How real people said about Native Speaker Studio


    Quality Assurance Engineer @ Focus Manufacturing
    Khun Achi

    Thank you to The Native Speaker Studio for helping me with my English Development. During the course, I got to study with three teachers. First was Teacher Sunny who helped me with daily life English, Personality Development, and Presentations. He had very high standards and was tough at times to ensure that each student excelled in their progress. I then studied with Teacher Dee who helped improve my grammar and email writing. She was very calm and easygoing throughout the course. Then finally, I studied with Teacher Shaun who really helped me with my pronunciation, accent training, and confidence. Overall, I can say that this course was both fun and insightful. I will definitely miss it and hope we get to study again in the future.

    Tadpicha Klibpeng

    At first, I was hesitant about studying English online, especially for one year. I usually studied short courses here and there but what I realized was that you really need to invest and practice your English. Taking a one year English course was the best decision my company has made in relation to training. All the teachers became mentors to me and if I ever needed help with English then I could contact them directly. The biggest improvement I made was with my overall professionalism, confidence and my knowledge in vocabulary.

    Ae Natnicha

    I've been improving a lot and have been more confident at speaking with native English speakers but I want to keep improving that's why I'm still studying here now.

    Mika Suratemeekul

    Sunny is a very good teacher. Love the way he taught me and other students!! I took his class in 2014. Really had so much fun studying with him. He helped me improve my English as well as confidence. I highly recommend him! Because of him, I finally found what I really love to do. He helped me discover how I am. I still remember the day he got me a job in modeling as a model Booker. I have been doing that for a year already and I'm in love with it. Thank you to my special teacher and friend! You are amazing !

    Ig Nada

    If you want to have more confidence in speaking English or how to converse in daily life. You will not regret learning with him. ^ ^

    Thanya Luck

    Sunny is a great teacher. He encourages everyone in his class to speak English. He always has a popular topic to talk about in the class. We talk casually like friends do. Don't be shy if you say something incorrectly because he teaches you the right way. When I would like to be Au Pair, he gives me some advice and encourages me to do it. I asked him to write a personal reference for my au pair profile and he was willing to help me. I studied with him until I was already matched with a lovely host family! Now I am still studying with him to get ready to stay in the U.S. so that I could improve my English skill and understand the foreign culture before I go. Lastly, Thank you very much for helping me. You're a wonderful English teacher and I wish you all the best!


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